Monday, April 27, 2009

Songs in Need of an Artist

I hope you enjoy my songs. I've gone as far as I can with them. Now it's your turn!

I can't sing and don't play an instrument, so all I can do is provide the outline of the song (the lyrics and primary tune). My song is like a screenplay: It tells the basic story, but there still have to be actors, a director, a cinematographer, etc. to produce a finished product.

If you have some musical background and are interested in doing something with one of my songs, I'd like to hear from you. Since I have little training or experience in music, I'm not sure what should happen next. Maybe you do!

I see myself as an "idea factory", and once the "skeleton" of a song is done, I am inclined to move on to the next project. (I never run out of ideas!) Nonetheless, I am willing to modify old songs to suit any new arrangement. I open to experimentation, and I encourage you to play with a song regardless of your background.

The MIDI file for any song is available upon request.