Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Glenn Campbell's "Tweet Albums" — Master Index of My Photo/Video Collections on Twitter

"Tweet Albums" are Twitter-based archives of my own photos and videos on my @BadDalaiLama account. Each "album" consists of a 🧵 of tweets organized by state, country or topic. Each album begins with a header tweet (tagged with #gpc_TweetAlbum) to which additional videos and photos are linked. Every thread is open-ended and I may add more to it at any time. [See bottom⇩ for more notes.]

A similar concept is followed in "Tweet Essays" which are text-based. They are listed in a separate Master Index of Tweet Essays.

My @BadDalaiLama Twitter Account contains a lot more that Tweet Albums. My bons mots go all the way back to 2010.

For more about me and access to my vast oeuvre, see my home page: Glenn-Campbell.com

📜 Album Index

  • 📇 Album Master Index - #de_AlbumIndex 2021-03-19 ✓ - An album of albums. Every other Tweet Album is retweeted here once, generally in the order in which the album was created.
  • All #gpc_TweetAlbum header tweets, latest first.

🌎 Countries & Overseas Regions

🇺🇸 USA States & Regions

🐶 Topics

🎡 Local Attractions

🛫 Tweet Essays Concerning Travel

📝Notes on Tweet Essays and this Index Page

  • Each entry below leads to the header tweet for that series. 
  • Each header tweet has a unique hashtag beginning #de_ or #gy_. The provides an alternative way to find the header tweet if you don't have the URL. It could be useful for referring to the album in you own tweets or finding the header in case you have only a printed version of this post.
  • The date (2021-03-20) indicates the date when the thread was started, but tweets can be added long after. No Tweet Album is ever "finished".
  • A checkmark✓ indicates that the thread includes a link to the Master Album as well as to this Blog Index. I have also confirmed that it is included in the Master Album and has been retweeted on @DoomLite.
  • The short link for this blog entry is j.mp/gpc_tweetalbums
  • Album header tweets usually contain links to my relevant Facebook albums (dating to 2008) and Instagram hashtags (dating to June 2013). YouTube playlists and Twitter searches are usually provided in a separate tweet.
  • My Tweet Album format was started in March 2021, but material can be drawn in from anytime in the past.

Why I Created Tweet Albums

I created the Tweet Album and Tweet Essay format to draw together all of my past and present work from multiple social media and website sources. I am active on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Websites and many minor formats. Tweet threads are supposed to be a way to tie them all together.

Of all the social media formats around today, I think Twitter is most likely to last. (For example, I think Twitter is more likely to be around 20 years from now than, say, Facebook.) Although my own body will eventually give up the 👻, it is my hope that my Tweets outlive me.