Sunday, July 4, 2021

Forms of Infrastructure ⸺ a list to accompany Episode 61

There are hundreds of forms of infrastructure. These are the main ones that occur to me...

Traditional Physical Infrastructure

These are the common services commonly labeled as "infrastructure" in law and politics. They are either sponsored by the government or heavily regulated by it. 
  1. Roads
  2. Railroads
  3. Public Transit
  4. Bridges and Tunnels (carrying roads and railroads)
  5. Power systems 
  6. Water
  7. Sewer
  8. Ports and Canals
  9. Airports
  10. Government Buildings (prisons, courthouses, government offices) 

Government Organizational Infrastructure

Services provided by the government that may involve physical structures but that are mostly organizational in nature.

  1. Monetary System
  2. Law and Regulation
  3. Law Enforcement
  4. Prisons
  5. Military / Defense
  6. Fire/Emergency Response 
  7. Health Care Funding and Regulation 
  8. Post Offices 
  9. GPS 
  10. Air Traffic Control 
  11. Education 
  12. Parks & Recreation
  13. Child Care
  14. Social Services 
  15. Natural Disaster Response/Pandemic Response

Private Infrastructure

Services maintained primarily by private business interests, perhaps with some government regulation and funding. Almost every industry and organization has its own infrastructure system, which are too numerous to list here.
  1. Broadcast Media (entertainment, news)
  2. Data Systems (telephone, internet, cellphones, cable TV, etc.)
  3. Product Distribution 
  4. Fuel Distribution 
  5. Solid Waste Disposal 
  6. Tourist Infrastructure