Saturday, October 18, 2008

Screen Story #24: "The Waiting Room"

Today's short screenplay is about a woman waiting for revenge.

The Waiting Room (pdf, 14 pages)

The door closes, and JANICE and the CASSANOVA are alone in the room. He is a man in his twenties, and we can see from his style that he thinks a little too much of himself. His shirt is open halfway down his chest to expose his chest hair. He is wearing gold chains around his neck. His hair is slicked back as though out on a date. He sits down immediately in the chair closest to the door. He and JANICE obviously don’t know each other.

The CASSANOVA is clearly uncomfortable with the waiting. He is sitting with one leg crossed over the other, and his free foot is twitching nervously. He looks past JANICE to the dressing mirror on the wall opposite him. He examines himself in the mirror, takes a comb out of his pocket and fine-tunes his greasy hair. Then he gets up from his chair and peruses the snack table. He takes a diet soft drink and a bag of chips and returns to his seat.

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