Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Song #5: "Children's Crusade"

My latest song could be medieval--or modern. Here is the tune (synthetic piano), the sheet music and me singing the song (poorly). The full lyrics are below (not too meaningful without the music). Midi file available upon request. Both the tune and the words are my own original work.

Children's Crusade

From the fields and farms,
From the town and city,
Children take up arms.
They are proud and pretty,
Knowing God chooses them for His holy war.

Their names we will etch in stone.
For a word, they will die alone,
On fields far from home.

We will serve our lord.
We will write our story.
We will wield our sword.
We will fight for His glory,
Then return to our land for eternity.

We have never gone this far.
We have lost our guiding star.
And our faith won't tell us now which way to go.
We don't know who to ask, who to show.

We will cross the sea.
We will serve our mission.
We have bravery.
We have holy permission
To invade what God made only for ourselves.

We have sailed so far from home.
In the sea we will drown alone,
Disowned, to atone.

It was not long ago we could rest,
Feeling safe at our mother's breast,
Feeling warm in a world of consistency
In the arms that could know what's best.
We have had our regrets.

From the farms and fields,
From the town and city,
Children took up arms.
They were brave and pretty,
Knowing God chose them for His holy war.

They would never come back here.
In the sands, they would disappear,
Long ago, far from here.
There is only one thing known,
On a monument of stone,
Their names, alone.

We were children once.
We are souls forever.
We will learn to dance.
We will dance for our pleasure,
Knowing God welcomes us to his home.
We return to reclaim our own,
At last not alone.
Lyrics and tune copyright © Glenn Campbell, PO Box 30303, Las Vegas, NV 89173.

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