Friday, January 2, 2009

Song #6: "Flatland"

My latest song concerns a simple place that may resemble home. Here is the tune (.mp3), the sheet music (.pdf) and me singing the song (video). The full lyrics are below (not too meaningful without the music). Both the tune and the words are my own original work. I've gone as far as I can with this song. Now it's your turn! Midi file available upon request.

The photo above is my own. This was what I saw out the car window at the time I conceived this song. Lyrics are below.


Nothing happens here in Flatland.
No one ever dreams in Flatland.
No one tries for more
Than what they're drafted for,
And I can't find the door from Flatland.
Out of Flatland.

I've a family here in Flatland.
They want nothing more than Flatland.
But I can't hide the fear
That I might disappear
Having never made a mark in Flatland.
Lost in Flatland.

Every story has got
Two sides to it
Here in Flatland.
Perfect Flatland.

I just met a sphere in Flatland.
Circle or a point in Flatland.
He is not from here
And he can disappear
And I wish I could go to that land.
No more Flatland.

I can't imagine
Having three sides to me
Here in Flatland.
Isn't Flatland
All there is?

Now I can't help but feel some sorrow
For all that I've invested in.
If I walked out of here tomorrow,
I'd wonder who the hell I've been.

I just met a sphere in Flatland.
He can't shed a tear in Flatland.
He is not from here
And he can disappear
and I'd be sad to live in that land.
I love Flatland.
Lyrics and tune copyright © Glenn Campbell, PO Box 30303, Las Vegas, NV 89173.

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