Friday, September 12, 2008

Screen Story #18: "X-Ray Vision"

In this screenplay (conceived yesterday and completed today), a teenager with less-than-pure motivations orders a pair of x-ray glasses -- and they work! However, an unexpected intruder interferes in his plans.

X-Ray Vision (pdf, 10 pages)
SVENGALI’S AMAZING X-RAY GLASSES! Due to a remarkable scientific breakthrough, these amazing “sunglasses” allow you to see through wood, paper, foliage, window drapes and cloth -- or so the ad claims. Their main purpose, however, is made clear in the not-so-subtle illustration, where a man wearing the glasses is shown ogling a shapely young woman. “SEE THROUGH CLOTHING!” the ad asserts.
Posted from Las Vegas. Also see my other screen stories at Love, Strangely.