Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Glenn's Forgotten Media Streams


I have produced so much stuff over the years, that I have forgotten where I put it all. This page will keep track of the forgotten corners of my oeuvre as I rediscover them.

  1. Facebook Notes — Around 2008 through 2018, Facebook has a primitive blogging system called "Notes". I produced dozens of them over the years, especially around the time of my first cancer treatment in 2018. The system was discontinued in October 2020, and there is no longer any public index of all of my notes. Notes are still viewable by URL aren't changeable. Fortunately, I tweeted links to many of my notes on @BadDalaiLama, knowing that they could be hard to find later. Try searching for "note" on my account. I can access all my notes through this link, but you can't. (1/12/2021)

  2. Photosynth — This website from Microsoft knitted together individual photos into 360° panoramas. I took 100s of them, but they are all lost now. My only record of them are the low-resolution thumbnails appearing in my Facebook album. Each one has a link to the now-defunct Photosynth site. In retrospect, I shouldn't have been wasting my time on things like that anyway. (1/12/2021)

  3. Abandoned Twitter Accounts — The following are Twitter accounts I have abandoned but that still might be useful to browse...

    • @BadLamaFunny — A place where I retweeted the funniest of my posts between 0000 and 000.
    • @PopeyesSpinach
    • @BadLamaEureka
    • @BadLamaNirvana
    • @BadLamaWisdom — Repurposed in Jan. 2021 as @DoomLite. Previously, it was used to retweet the my best philosophical content from @BadDalaiLama and @KilroyCafe (see here)
    • @KilroyCafe
    • @KilroyLite
  4. X