Sunday, January 24, 2021

Can other people use my "#dd_" hashtags?

Can other people use my special "#dd_" hashtags? I have no strong feelings about this right now, but I have created a this blog entry in case I do have any strong feelings later.

No one can "own" a hashtag on Twitter, so I can't tell anyone to not use the hashtags I invented. It sounds like a good idea in principle: other people can add their own references to the database so that is remains alive even without me. I would only ask that you use my hashtags according to the rules I have demonstrated. (You'll have to devine most of the rules because I can never put them all into words.)

What is to prevent a Troll👺 from trying to corrupt my system with spurrious hashtags? Nothing really, but this troll would have boundless energy and care an awful lot about what I am doing. If nothing else, I can overwhelm him with sheer volume.

If all else fails, a user can restrict their hashtag search to just my Twitter accounts. To search only for the hashtags I've used, insert this string in the Twitter search box along with your desired hashtag (#dd_sample below).

(from:demographicdoom OR from:baddalailama OR from:bdlnotes) #dd_sample

Glenn Campbell
24 January 2021