Monday, August 11, 2008

Area 51 Guide Service

I have started a new "Area 51 Guide Service"...


If you followed Area 51 in the 1990s, you may remember me. I'm Glenn Campbell (code name "Psychospy"), the original resident researcher in Rachel, Nevada. I am the author of the Area 51 Viewer's Guide and the Desert Rat Newsletter. I was featured in the New York Times, on a 2-hour Larry King special and in other countless TV shows, articles and news reports.

Now I'm back! I am not longer actively researching Area 51, but I've become more interested in the slice of history I participated in. If you, too, are amused be the "good old days" of Area 51 (i.e. the ancient 1990s), I'd be happy to lead you on a mini-adventure to the area to show you the base and talk about local lore. For $250 (plus expenses), I'll escort you or your group around the border of the secret base in a tour we will design together.